UK Games Rating Authority Launches New Site with ‘Additional Consumer Information’

The Games Rating Authority (GRA), part of the United Kingdom's Video Standards Council (VSC) has launched its new website today. The new site adds what the GRA calls "Additional Consumer Information" (ACI) that gives consumers the ability to search for a specific game title and learn what it was rated under a certain category. The ACI is a text-based system that is meant to supplement the PEGI visual descriptors. It offers a brief outline of the game and information about the "strength and frequency of a rating issue."

The GRA said in a press release issued this morning that it "believes that the site will be of special interest to parents and carers who want information about video games in an easily digestible form." The ACI is limited to games rated PEGI 12 or higher and only covers games released after March 2012.

You can find the new website at


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