AbleGamers Foundation Opens First Permanent Accessibility Arcade

The AbleGamers Foundation announced this week that a permanent arcade designed specifically for gamers who have disabilities opens today. The arcade opened today at the Washington D.C. public library's main MLK branch. While the foundation has shown off its arcade concept before, it was a limited-time installation in the past. This new arcade will be a permanent fixture to the library, giving disabled gamers a place to try out games without having to worry about struggling with controls that are unusable due to their specific disabilities.

"Our partnership with the AbleGamers Foundation brings the freedom, fun, and independent of video gaming to DC residents with disabilities," said Venetia Demson, Chief of DC Public Library's Adaptive Services Division. "We're looking forward to welcoming new and experienced gamers with disabilities of all ages to the library for a unique experience. When properly used, video games can be an important learning tool for literacy, spatial reasoning and curriculum support as well as a wonderful social experience."

"This is really one of the finest days in the history of the organization," said Steve Spohn, Editor-In-Chief of the AbleGamers Foundation. "This is a tremendous victory for disabled gamers everywhere. But moreover, it's a victory for everyone who has ever worked with, contributed to, and especially donated to the foundation. We would like to thank each and every one who has helped and will continue to help the disabled gamer community. "

To learn more about the arcade, check out

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