ASA Rejects Hitman: Absolution Trailer Complaints

The United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the Hitman: Absolution game trailer, Attack of the Saints, did not glamorize violence, or violence towards women. The agency made the ruling after several complaints were filed about the trailer and some in the media pondered the message the trailer was trying to send about the trailer featuring sexy assassins disguised as Catholic nuns who Agent 47 attacks in an ultra-violent fight scene.

While the ASA did note that the trailer contained a lot of violent and sexual scenes, it also said that the ad was placed behind an appropriate age gate. It also considered it "likely" that users who viewed the trailer were specifically seeking out material related to the game, due to it being featured on Hitman's YouTube and Facebook channels.

At the end of the day the ASA concluded the trailer did not glamorize violence or violence against women.

Source: Gamespot

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