F2P Online Game Happy Wars Coming to XBLA October 12

Free-to-play online games are non-existent on Xbox Live Arcade, but one of the very first is about to make its debut on Microsoft's platform next week. This is an important milestone because Sony – mostly through its subsidiary Sony Online Entertainment – has been offering several free-to-play games via the PlayStation Network.

That first Xbox Live Arcade free-to-play title is called Happy Wars and is being developed by Tokyo, Japan-based game developer Toylogic. The game will be available to all Xbox Live Gold member account holders for free beginning October 12.

Happy Wars is described as a large-scale multiplayer action game that can be played by up to 30 players at once. The game world, characters and combat are decidedly cartoonish, with a fantasy bend. The game promises, high levels of character customization, different classes, and an in-game currency called Happy Tickets and Happy Stars. In between battles, players can upgrade their characters by using Happy Stars earned in fights or by buying Happy Tickets for the in-game item shop.

You can find out more about the game here.

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