Kixeye Fires Four Employees after Complaints of ‘Institutional Racism’

Following up on yesterday's accusation by an employee that social game developer Kixeye engaged in "institutional racism," four employees have been fired today. The accusations were made by an unnamed contractor who wrote a blog post under the name of Qu33riousity. He claimed yesterday that he was the victim of racial discrimination and has also seen it directed at others.

Yesterday Kixeye CEO Will Harbin told the media that he would investigate the accusations and take appropriate actions. Today though he announced that he had to fire four employees. While Harbin denies that all of the accusations made against his company were true, he did say that he found that one manager and three other employees violated company standards and had to be fired.

"Immediately after I learned of these allegations, I personally interviewed members of the team to figure out what this was about," wrote Harbin. "While it's clear that not everything in the blog post was accurate, I did discover examples of embarrassing behavior that I find inappropriate for KIXEYE, or any other work environment. As a result, I immediately terminated the manager of the team in question and then three other employees who violated company standards as well. We have also taken steps to provide harassment training to the other members of the team, given the poor example set by their manager."

Harbin went on to say that he was doing his best to run a company where employees love to work and are treated with respect. He also laid out how the company will avoid such behavior in the future.

"What are we doing to make sure this never happens again in the future," Harbin continued. "Well, even before this incident, we hired a VP of HR who has implemented a sensitivity training program for all employees. He's also introduced processes that have strengthened communication channels between management and the employee base.

He closed by saying that the company is in the process of "conducting an outside, independent investigation of the allegations made by the contractor" to prevent "this kind of behavior from occurring again."

Source: GII


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