No Doubt Agrees to Settle Band Hero Lawsuit against Activision

The Associated Press reports this morning that the lawsuit between Activision and ska rockers No Doubt has been quietly settled out of court. The lawsuit was related to Activision's game Band Hero allowing the likenesses of the band to sing other songs in the game. Similar lawsuits were filed against Activision for the same issue related to virtual avatars in its Band Hero and Guitar Hero games being used as virtual karaoke singers.

No Doubt filed its lawsuit in November of 2010 contending that there was no agreement between the band and Activision that allowed their likenesses in the game to perform songs from other bands. In April of 2010 the Los Angeles County Superior Court rejected Activision's freedom-of-speech defense in the case.

According to the AP report a tentative agreement had been reached on Monday, and the terms of the settlement would be worked on October 15.

Source: GII

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