Face Chop: Decision 2012 Released

A new poltically themed game from developer Mayonaise Games lets you cast your vote for the U.S. president in a whole new way. The Android game is called Face Chop: Decision 2012, and it lets players "chop" the faces of candidates to earn points and "win the election."

In Classic mode, players can play as a Democrat or a Republican, and chop faces from the other party to rack up votes. In Arcade mode, the player has one minute to chop as many faces as they can. Finally, in Democracy Mode both parties get equal face time. As players chop faces they can unlock new ways to chop and unlock backdrops like slime streaks, barbed wire, and the American flag.

Face Chop: Decision 2012 is available now for the Android in the Google Play Store. Check out the video to your left to see the game in action.

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