Financial Football Teaches Rwanda’s Student about Financial Literacy

Polygon offers a mildly interesting and inspirational story about how some favorite pastimes – soccer and video games – are being used to teach kids in the African nation of Rwanda about the importance of financial literacy. The game, Financial Football, is now in schools across the country and is being sponsored by the generosity of credit card giant Visa. The soccer simulation-themed game asks students important questions about banking and finance like "is it usually more expensive to draw money at an ATM than inside the bank?" or "which would provide the most secure banking password?" Correct answers to these types of questions connect passes to team members, which inevitable leads to scoring goals.

According to Pichette Kampeta Sayinzoga, Rwanda's permanent secretary at the ministry of finance and economic planning (who spoke to Rwanda Focus about using the game), the idea of using the game is to teach young people that managing their money is important now, not just when they become adults. Kids that play the game will be able to learn about important things like the importance of holding an account to save money, using an ATM card responsibly, or the important aspects of ageing a bank loan.

The version of Financial Football being used in Rwanda's schools is based on the American version of the game but substitutes American football with what we in the west like to call "soccer." That game is called Frantic Football, and can be found here.

Source: Polygon


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