Maine State Senate Candidate Responds to WOW Attack

Following up on yesterday's story about the Maine GOP attacking Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz over leading a "double life" in World of Warcraft, Politico has another story featuring Lachowicz's response. Colleen Lachowicz told the publican Thursday night that that the attack shows that the Maine GOP is out-of-touch if they think being a gamer is shameful.

"There are a lot of these misconceptions about people who play online games," said Lachowicz. "I’ve played with people who are retired, college professors and lawyers. I’ve only ever played with adults."

She pointed out data from the Entertainment Software Association that the industry generates $24.8 billion in revenue, that an estimated 183 million Americans play games, and that the average age of gamers is 34. She also points out that her fascination with World of Warcraft has waned in recent months. Data from Blizzard shows that this is also pretty normal – the game was down near 9 million subscribers earlier this year but jumped back up to 10 million following the release of the latest expansion.

She also said that she’s been pretty busy knocking on doors and campaigning to unseat first-term Republican incumbent Tom Martin. Lachowicz added that the blog posts about her playing the game are five years old and taken out of context.

"I regret that some things I said before I knew I was running for office could be misconstrued and offended some people," she said, likely referring to the Grover Norquist comment in particular. "Many of these comments go back quite a long time."

Finally she expressed her confusion on why anyone would think it was a good idea to attack her on her hobbies.

"I don’t understand why I’m being targeted for playing online games when all I’ve done is campaign on the issues," she said. "That’s the baffling thing. I’m out talking to people all the time about how what the Republicans are doing is affecting working class families in the district. I’d really like to get back to that.”

Lachowicz's current game of choice? Angry Birds. We can't wait for the attack ads citing that game…

Source: Politico

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