What to Expect at PAX Australia

While we already know that a Penny Arcade Expo event is planned for Australia (July 19 – 21, 2013) in Melbourne, Australia, at Showgrounds, new documents from the organizers of the event offer even more details on what activities will be available to attendees.

The PAX Australia event being put together by ReedPOP (with the full support of PA and ReedPOP's U.S. home office) expects to attract more than 30,000 attendees during the three day event. They decided to put together an event for Australia because many Australians frequent the Penny Arcade website (20 percent of its traffic), enjoy its various types of content and buy lots of PA merchandise (40 percent of all international orders), but beyond that Australian gamers deserve a "quality festival" according to organizers.

So what kinds of activities are planned for PAX Australia? According to organizers, much of the same activities at events in the U.S. will be available to Australian gamers attending the PAX event. They promise a main theatre capable of seating 1,500 people where celebrity keynotes, Q&A panels, and massive live tournaments can take place; PC free play and PC tournament areas; a Bring Your Own PC area for massive LAN events; console free play and tournament areas; tabletop games and tournament areas; a handheld gaming device area; Main Theatre concerts featuring Australian and international nerdcore, chiptunes and geek musicians; and four additional theatres for panels, demos, tournaments, and movie screenings.

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