Xbox Live Users: Mitt Romney Won Presidential Debate

While Microsoft's presidential debate live stream had a lot of problems, apparently they were able to glean some data from the event. An Xbox Spokesperson tells IGN that Mitt Romney was declared the winner of the debate by the Xbox Live audience.

"Romney was indeed a winner of last night’s debate with the Xbox Live audience, despite what some of the raw, real-time numbers might have shown," the spokesperson said. "We asked 10 questions during the debate to gauge who won exchanges or segments, and we found that ‘undecideds’ broke for Romney while Obama consistently lost support from his base."

According to data from Microsoft, 88 percent of people who voted in polls during the debate said they were "likely voters" and that 66 percent said that they would talk about the debates in their social media circles.

Around 11 percent of users who voted in the polls claimed they were undecided voters, while 17 percent said they were leaning toward Romney or Obama. Nine out of 10 times, Romney exceeded his baseline support, and 8 out of 10 times, Obama fell below his baseline support, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft did not offer any numbers on just how many users watched the debate through Xbox Live.

Microsoft will stream the vice presidential debate on October 11, the second presidential debate focusing on foreign and domestic policy on October 16 and the final presidential debate on October 22. Xbox Live users who watch at least three of the debates will receive Halo 4 Warrior Armor for their Xbox Live Avatar.

Source: IGN

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