Report: Windows 8 Marketplace Ditching MS Points

October 8, 2012 -

Microsoft has apparently decided that it will not use Microsoft Points - the popular currency of the current Windows Marketplace and Xbox Live - in its upcoming Windows 8 Marketplace for software purchases. Instead it will simply use U.S. dollars or whatever the currency of choice is in different regions. In previous Windows 8 beta releases Microsoft used its Points system for all video purchases and rentals.

The news comes from Polygon. Polygon says that it has tested the latest beta for Windows 8 and can now simply use a credit card to make those purchases directly, instead of having to buy MS Points...

We have no indication as of this writing if Microsoft plans to ditch the points system on Xbox Live where it is the standard currency of note.


Image via Polygon


Re: Report: Windows 8 Marketplace Ditching MS Points

Errr, they ditched it already with Windows Phone 7, and when you buy On Demand game from Xbox Live you can pay using a card directly, or points.

Re: Report: Windows 8 Marketplace Ditching MS Points

When it comes to online, you know you're doing something horribly wrong when even Nintendo's doing it better.


Andrew Eisen

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