Fake ‘Bad Piggies’ Google Chrome App Installs Adware

According to a Joystiq report citing an independent investigation by security firm Barracuda Networks, over 80,000 Google Chrome users have been affected by fake versions of Rovio's new game Bad Piggies. The fake versions of the game are accessed from the Chrome web store, which apparently installs a plug-in that displays advertisements for popular web sites.

"Seven of these plugins are from the same source www.playook.info, a maker of 'free' flash games. A quick glance at the Whois records for playook.info tells us… nothing," notes the report. "They hide their name behind Whoisguard, a very suspicious thing for a business to do. What's more, installing these 7 plugins request a significant permissions: 'access your data on all websites.'"

The firm claims that a user who gives the app permission to "access your data on all websites" are put at risk by having their personal information stolen including email and credit card information. Those who may have been tricked into installing it are urged to uninstall them immediately and make necessary security changes like updating all of their passwords that might have been stored in Chrome.

You can get more details here.

Source: Joystiq

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