Report: Borderlands 2 Players Face Stats Erasing Bugs Again

Some players are claiming the newest Borderlands 2's character, Gaige is erasing their "Badass stats." The download, which also requires a patch to play seems to be affecting players on Xbox 360 and PC. The problem seems to be a repeat of an earlier issue some fans had with the game wiping out their progress. According to a thread on the official Gearbox forums, some players are experiencing a loss of their Badass rank, while others are reporting more dramatic issues like the loss of character skins, golden keys, and full saves.

Gearbox Software has not yet publicly responded to the issue. The Mechromancer DLC was planned for October 16 but Gearbox has decided to release it a bit early – starting today on Xbox 360 and PC. Of course, with this current issue popping up it might be best to wait until Gearbox Software figures out what's going on with players who are already having issues…

Source: Kotaku


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