2012 Election – Rise of the President Released

2012 Election – Rise of the President is an iOS game that stands out because it was created by Stiven Deleur, a talented 14-year-old who started coding only a few months ago. But the inspiration for the game actually came from his father, who came up with the idea one afternoon.

"I wanted a fun way for people who are interested in politics, to participate in the election process and show support for their candidate," said Alex Deleur. "Plus, by collecting data per team, the goal was to create a game that could predict [the] result of the upcoming election."

"My dad told me about his idea and I immediately started to look for tutorials to start the development! He didn’t have to try to convince me," said Stiven Deleur.

The father and son team created a prototype of the game and then tried pitching it on Kickstarter. While that endeavor ultimately failed, they managed to get the attention of social game developer Eternal5.

"We saw a huge potential for the game, but it needed to be filled out some more," said founder Bruno Didier. "It was easy to play, but we wanted to introduce more depth to make it really addictive."

The project was picked up by a budding social gaming company, Eternal5. With the help of Eternal5, the father-and-son team evolved the game from just a Democrat VS Republican game to a social web title about national battlegrounds. The original version was simple: players choose their party and collect items that will help their candidate’s campaign while avoiding items that will cost them votes. While the game retained that foundation, social aspects were rolled into the design.

Back in August, Stiven Deleur spoke with GamesBeat and claimed that his game was capable of predicting the outcome of the 2012 election.

"I believe this game can predict the winner of the coming presidential election," Deleur told GamesBeat. "Whenever a player finishes a round, the game uploads the point total to a communal global score for the donkey or the elephant. That way, everyone can keep track of whether Democrats or Republicans are in the lead. It’s a fun twist on what is otherwise a bitter, partisan race."

While we're not sure about his claims on that front, the game has been released and is available for iOS devices on iTunes. It's a free download.

You can learn more about the game here.

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