Millions of PlaySpan User IDs and Other Data Leaked Online

According to a report on Develop, World of Tanks, Guild Wars and Eve Online players have been hit by a huge security breach. According to the report the personal information of millions of PlaySpan Marketplace users has been leaked online including user IDs, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

In a statement to Develop, a PlaySpan spokesperson downplayed the security breach, and insisted that there was no evidence that credit card, debit card or pre-paid card data had been accessed or compromised.

For now the company has locked all Marketplace accounts and has asked all users to take the necessary precautions to re-secure their accounts including resetting their passwords. The company says that it is conducting an investigation and analysis on the breach. The PlaySpan Marketplace site meanwhile has also closed down permanently, according to Develop.

PlaySpan, a virtual goods monetization platform, is used by more than 1,000 games to power virtual goods and currency transactions, including titles such as World of Tanks, Eve Online, APB Reloaded, Aion and Guild Wars. PlaySpan is owned by credit card company Visa.

Source: Develop

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