Poll: How Many Unplayed Games Do You Own?

Take a look at your video game collection.  How many of those games are still unopened?  How about your Steam account?  Any purchased games you haven’t given a go yet?

Now look over to the right at this week’s poll.  Hey, what a coincidence!  It’s asking how many games you’ve purchased but haven’t yet played!

It’s almost like I planned this…

Vote in the poll and let us know how many unplayed games you own.  Want to give us more details?  Reasons?  Excuses?  Hit up the comments section or send us an email at SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com then tune in to next week’s podcast wherein EZK and I will talk about our own game collections and mercilessly tease each other about how fiscally irresponsible we are!  Relish in our weak rationalizations for our game buying habits!  Delight as we bemoan the limited time we have to play all our games and other first-world problems!  Volunteer at a local soup kitchen and help feed the homeless!

That would be keen.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. Longjocks says:

    When just talking unplayed games, it's very few. On my consoles the only one I haven't played is Operation Flashpoint Red River. I got it cheap but haven't played it other than having demoed it at my friend's place some time before the purchase (so technically I guess I have played it). Other than that I just have a couple of Steam games I haven't booted up.

    Unfinished games is another story…

  2. Longjocks says:

    I'm very much the same, but it has greater affect on me completing games than it does starting them.

  3. Samster says:

    Bundles are definitely the worst for this. But my backlog has grown horribly over the past several years. I have the money, and I have the will, so I buy games when I want to, but what I lack is the time to play like I used to!

  4. Klokwurk says:

    Mine are up to at least a couple of hundred and that’s before I count Steam and Humble Bundle games. With those it’s somewhere over 700.

  5. LantisEscudo says:

    I'm up to right about 50 right now, though I've stopped buying games until I complete some.

    Most of them are classic RPGs I picked up inexpensively over the years and haven't had the chance to invest the time to play through them.  And almost all of them are for older consoles (SNES through PS2).

  6. GrimCW says:

    i've played ALL of my games.. now finished.. not so much.

    i do get around to it (didn't finish Xenosaga Ep1 for nearly 6 years.. then up and whomped it in a few days, now to motivate myself into Ep 2.)

    my ADHD has be bounce from thing to thing constantly. one week i may be into some MMO, the next i may be hand building Halo armor or working on one of my back log of Hobby model kits (love'em but have to get'em while they exist given they don't last long these days…least not the sci fi ones i like)


    but eventually i do finish everything 🙂

  7. CodeMonkey76 says:

    I've got a few… (all Xbox 360)

    • Dishonored
    • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
    • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    • Saints Row 3
    • Rage
    • Forza 3
    • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    • Deadspace 2
    • Bulletstorm
    • Brink

    out of about 75-80 games

  8. beemoh says:

    >It’s almost like I planned this…

    I can't believe that, not even for a second.

    Look like it's in the ten-fifteen region for me. Bundles are the worst offender- while I've not bought a single Humble bundle yet, I've bought bundles on Steam (Notably GTA I, II, III, VC and SA when they were on for £5 as a set) for one game, and as an early adopter of the service, I have all those Half Life 1 mods that came bundled pretty much untouched through disinterest.

    I've also got titles from XBLA sales (Still sat on Daytona from when it was 200MSP) and the odd retail game, that I thought would be an arseache to get hold of after week one (Rayman Origins and Catherine, step forward. Oh, and anything half-decent on Wii that wasn't a minigame compilation or Mario) and figured it was better to get hold of them now for when I get around to playing them than be unable to get them at the time.


  9. David says:

    A lot.  A lot, a lot.

    I've got digital downloads from years ago.  I've got DS games, Playstation 1, 2, and 3 games, XBox and 360 games.

    Say, do you know why I bought an XBox?  It was to play Steel Battalion.  It's sitting in a corner, unopened.

    I've had to sell games I've never even opened.  That's like free money for the local used record store, as well as Gamestop.

    I've only just recently forced myself to start Skyrim (and early on, it's still pretty neat).  Doesn't help that I've got a pile of games I've bought in the meantime, and the blockbuster season being upon us, there are a couple more games left to buy this year.  Plus a couple or three 3DS downloads, can't forget to pick up some more cards to fund my account.

    Why do I do this?  Well, I've recently realized that videogames are to me what clothes are to a fashionista.  I have to have the latest and greatest, even if I don't play them, just like they'll buy clothes that sit in their closet.  Is it a problem?  Yeah, probably, my money could be used for much better purposes.  Still, I don't want to miss out on buying a game and then not be able to find it except on Ebay for exorbitant amounts of money.

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