Appeals Court Lifts Ban on Galaxy Nexus

October 11, 2012 -

Samsung got some good news today: an appeals court has lifted the injunction against the Galaxy Nexus, which Apple won in a lower court. The court ruled today that Apple should not have been granted the ban in the first place.

A Federal Court ruled in June that the device was too similar to the iPhone and that sales of it in the United States should not be allowed. The Appeals Court ruling also noted that Apple did not establish that the "quick search box" found on the Galaxy Nexus was similar enough to the iPhone’s universal search that it could cause Apple to lose sales. This was the core reason Apple was awarded its request for an injunction.

While this is good news for Samsung, the company still has to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages for the rest of its mobile devices found to infringe on Apple mobile patents.

You can read the appeals Court ruling here (PDF).

Source: GIGA OM


Re: Appeals Court Lifts Ban on Galaxy Nexus

And I bet noone is going to have to pay Samsung one cent for that ridiculous ban.

Re: Appeals Court Lifts Ban on Galaxy Nexus

Well, at least it'll be light on Noone's wallet. 1 cent isn't much, even in this economy.

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