Decode DC Raises Half of $75k Goal with Eight More Days to Go

With eight more days to go, Andrea Seabrook has managed to raise $36,669 of her $75,000 goal to help fund her innovative podcast, DecodeDC. Seabrook says that "Washington D.C. is broken." She should know – she spent many years as a national correspondent to Congress at National Public Radio. A few months ago she had had enough of lawmakers "lying to her face" and decided to leave NPR to do something different. That "something different" is DecodeDC, a weekly podcast and website that will attempt to cut through the BS Red State v. Blue State and political "horse race" narrative of Washington to report on the stories that really matter to the American public.

Here's what the money is for – from the Kickstarter page:

"Our goal is to raise $75,000. If we get there, we'll produce thirty episodes of DecodeDC, plus do all that behind-the-scenes stuff you never hear about. Like run servers and use high quality software and recording equipment. Most important, the seed money will keep our chins just above water — enough to eat ramen only a few nights a week."

If you would like to see coverage of Washington that doesn't buy into the narratives pushed by left and right leaning networks and publications, then you should probably support this Kickstarter. You can learn more by watching the pitch video to your left.

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