F*ck this Jam Turns Genre Hate Into Games

While the upcoming game developer jam – F*ck This Jam might have the most colorful name ever – organizers are aiming to take developers out of their comfort zones to create games in genres they absolutely loathe. The jam is co-founded by indie developer Vlambeer's Rami Ismail (the cats behind Super Crate Box), who tells Joystiq that he is just trying to get developers to think outside the box because when they step out of the areas where they are comfortable great things can be created.

"The idea is to get people to challenge established rules and conventions," Ismail told Joystiq. "Even the jam itself is an anomaly: It lasts an entire week, where standard jams last two days or so."

Ismail also tells Joystiq that the F*ck This Jam are working on a website where participants can update the world on their progress. F*ck This Jam will run from November 9 – 17.

Whatever happens, we love the name…

Source: Polygon

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