Gaikai Sued by T5 Labs Over Streaming Patent

Gaikai is being taken to court over the technology behind its game streaming services, GamesIndustry International reports. Last week, UK-based T5 Labs filed a lawsuit against Gaikai Inc. saying that the company's streaming game technology infringes on a patent it holds. Gaikai was acquired this year by Sony. Last year the company accused OnLive of violating its patents but court documents were either never filed or unobtainable at this time.

The company alleges in its lawsuit that Gaikai's technology violates a patent it owns for "Sharing a Graphical Processing Unit Between a Plurality of Programs." While T5 Labs acknowledges that there are previous claims on streaming technology, but says that its emphasis on modular design for ease of debugging and upgradability is unique. The patent also promises improvements to compression quality and network latency with its specific method of streaming games. T5 Labs is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. Sony has not filed a response on behalf of Gaikai as of this writing.

The London, England-based T5 Labs has been in the streaming business since 2007.

Source: GII

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