Infographic: League of Legends Rules The World

Riot Games has released an infographic that illustrates why its MOBA title, League of Legends, is the most played game in the entire world.

According to data on that colorful infographic, League of Legends has a total of 70 million registered Summoner names, 32 million active monthly users, and 12 million daily active users. The infographic also claims that over 1 billion game hours are logged every month in League of Legends.

The infographic also points out that League of Legends’ peak concurrent player record stands at 3 million. That is twice as many as Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 (1.3 million) and PC via Steam (650k).

There are some other silly bullet points, but you get the general idea. The game is ultra popular. All of this data comes from Riot Games, for the record.

You can check out the infographic in all its glory on MCV.

Source: MCV

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    Hevach says:

    Some metric based on peak concurrent players. I don't think the old MMO metric of 5x peak would work, since that was used on subscription games which were region limited and inherently higher playtime demands from character advancement systems, so they had a more distinct peak and fewer once-in-a-while type of players.

    Just to spitball, they have about twice as many peak concurrent players as MW3 on XBL, I think a fair estimate would be twice the currently active players of MW3 on XBL. I don't have that number, but double the most recent Call of Duty would still be a respectable feat.

    That's really rough, of course, and could be wildly inaccurate (doing the same comparison between Halo and CoD doesn't give expected numbers close to actual), but I still think it would be a more realistic comparison.

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    Sleaker says:

    70 million registered… hmm. I have 2 accounts, I know of people that play a lot who have more than 4.  I don't think registered accounts is that accurate a measure of the acutal numbers of people playing, neither is the number of them used in a month, or day.  I saw people swapping accounts just to play against lower ranked players, or to skip deserter queues.


    The 'concurrent player record' is pretty good.. if it could even be verified..

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