Xbox Live Users: Vice President Joe Biden Wins VP Debate

Larry Hryb, also known Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson, released the results of last night's flash polling during the Vice Presidential debate between Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Vice President Joe Biden (D). Hyrb claims that during the live stream of the debate on Xbox Live there were 800,000 responses to poll questions and that the level of engagement among users was "extremely high" with 30,000 responses to each question posed.

According to Xbox Live users, Joe Biden won the debate. Around 44.1 percent of undecided voters declared Biden the winner, with 22.9 percent choosing Ryan. On being truthful, 72.2 percent of swing voters said Biden was more honest, and 70.1 said that they did not care about the candidates' religion. 53.7 percent of undecided voters said that Biden could step in and be president, while 21 percent said Ryan would be prepared to be president. More data on the debate can be found on Major Nelson's blogs. Self-indentified Democrats and Republicans said that their respective candidates won the debate, in case you were wondering.

Commenters on the Major Nelson post questioned the results, and also dinged Xbox Live's continued streaming problems while viewing the debates. But Republicans who feel that the poll was wrong can simply look at the results from various media outlets that either called last night's combat a draw for both sides or a win for Paul Ryan. At the end of the day the general consensus was that Biden was a little too animated and that both sides did what they had to do to shore up their respective bases.

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