Eleven Republican Lawmakers Urge President to Abandon Executive Order Plans on Cybersecurity

Eleven Republican lawmakers have urged President Obama not to go forward with an executive order that would implement cyber security measures without members of Congress, according to Slate.

They believe that the executive order would be a "hasty, unilateral action" and would have a number of unintended consequences on the Internet. In a letter sent last Thursday, they outline three reasons why an executive order is a horrible idea:

First they believe that such an order would make it easier for countries that are not keen on a free internet (China, Russia, and Iran) to convince the United Nations to take control of the Internet. There has been some movement towards governments of the world gaining tighter controls on the global shared Internet. Many U.S. lawmakers including both Republicans and Democrats and many within the Administration think that is a bad idea. Republicans say the order "will almost certainly be exploited by other nations to justify their efforts to regulate the Internet."

They also do not like the idea of the Department of Homeland Security having control over a cybersecurity apparatus – which would then have power to regulate businesses. Opponents of the order that are not Republicans would likely say that they do not want the DHS to have access to so much private information – shared by the likes of companies such as Google and Facebook…

Finally they say that creating a “top-down, one-size fits all bureaucracy” might give cyber criminals and terrorists an easier target.

You can check out the rest of Slate's article here.

Source: Slate

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