Origin Users Download 'Thousands of Free Games' Through Messed Up Origin Promo

October 15, 2012 -

Oopsie. A recent promotion for EA's Origin digital distribution platform saw thousands of games downloaded for free by Origin users using a free code. The original purpose of the code was to give Origin users $20 off the purchase of a game in the digital store, but the coupon didn't work as expected...

Apparently users found that it allowed them to download multiples titles free of charge. Games they managed to score for free include the likes of Dead Space 2, Crysis, Command & Conquer 3 and 4, Battlefield 2 and Mirror’s Edge.

While users abused the coupon and downloaded multiple games for free, EA seems to be taking the high road on the matter. The company had decided that users can keep the games they downloaded... Of course they have also discontinued the promotion.

"The coupon code is now expired; we’ll honor all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and hope fans enjoy their games," read a statement from a spokesperson on the EA forum.

Customers who may have wanted that $20 off a new game purchase (or to get in on the scam) were told that the promotion had been closed - for obvious reasons:

"I understand why some folks may be frustrated that the coupon code ended early, but the coupon is now expired," EA said in a statement.

source: Develop


Re: Origin Users Download 'Thousands of Free Games' Through ...

I thought about abusing this when I heard about it.

Then I decided getting a few games wouldn't justify having to use Origin.

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