For The People: November Madness Contest Launches

Rocket Surgeon, makers of the political social Facebook game, For the People: Fantasy Politics, have launched a special contest today called For The People: November Madness.

For The People: November Madness is free to everyone and allows participants to take a stab at predicting the winners of the 2012 presidential election and every House and Senate race across the country. Each correct pick earns a point, and the person who ends up with the most total points wins a grand prize.

The grand prize will be a new iPad 64GB 4G, while the first runner-up will win a new Samsung Galaxy S III, and the second runner-up nationwide will win a one year subscription to Spotify Premium. The top 10 scorers in each of the East, South, Midwest and West regions will win a $50 iTunes gift card. Everyone who participates in the contest will receive special awards that are redeemable in the For The People: Fantasy Politics Facebook game.

To help players make their picks, Rocket Surgeon has teamed up with Real Clear Politics to provide the latest polling data. Then on election night participants can see how they fare on national leaderboards. Contested elections will extend the contest for a maximum of two weeks but any election contested after those two weeks will be disregarded for the purposes of determining a winner.

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