Five Books Added to Humble eBook Bundle

The Humble eBook Bundle has added five new books to its pay-what-you-want DRM-free eBook bundle today. The new additions include Penny Arcade books Attack of the Bacon Robots and Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings; two volumes from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal including Save Yourself, Mammal! and The Most Dangerous Game; and xkcd: volume 0.

These five new books join Cory Doctorow's Pirate Cinema, Paolo Bacigalupi's Pump Six and Other Stories, Lauren Beukes' Zoo City, Mercedes Lackey's Invasion, Kelly Link's Stranger Things Happen and Magic for Beginners.

Of course you'll have to pay more than the average price – currently $12.67 to unlock these five books. If you have already purchased the bundle, these should automatically show up on your download page. So far the Humble eBook Bundle has generated total sales of nearly $600,000 and is inching towards 50,000 bundle sales.

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