Indie Royale Fall Bundle Launches

The newest Indie Royale Bundle is alive and kicking – offering five new games that consumers can pay-what-they-want for until October 21. The Indie Royale bundle is a little different than the Humble Bundle in that it has a starting price – in this case $5.

The games up for grabs in the latest bundle include Freebird Games' role-playing adventure To the Moon (PC, Steam, Desura); Unigine Corp.'s real-time navel strategy game Oil Rush (PC, Mac, Linux, Steam, Desura); Wadjet Eye Games' 2D adventure game Blackwell Deception (PC, Steam, Desura); Big Robot's audiovisual puzzle game AVSEQ (PC, Mac, Steam, Desura); and Electrolyte Games' isometric god game Reprisal (PC, Mac, Linux, Desura).

You can check out a promo video about the bundle at YouTube or head straight to to learn more. The Fall Bundle will be available until 10 a.m. ET on Sunday, October 21st.

Source: Polygon

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