Buy Digital Eel’s Brainpipe at Indie Game Stand, Help Reading is Fundamental

The experiment continues over at the Indie Game Stand, where every 96 hours a new indie game is highlighted and put up for sale at the cool price of "pay-whatever-you-want." This time out it's Digital Eel's excellently trippy first person real-time spatial navigation game Brainpipe.

If you buy the game, ten percent of the overall proceeds are going to go to RIF (Reading is Fundamental), an excellent charity that encourages children in the U.S. to read. RIF is particularly useful for poorer children who may not have the best access to quality reading materials. RIF relies heavily on community volunteers in every state and U.S. territory, who dole out 16 million new and free books each year to 4.5 million children.

You can buy Brain Pipe at Indie Game Stand now – but time is running out because a new game will soon be up for sale at the site. You can learn about Digital Eel here, and you can learn more about RIF at

Brain Pipe is available for Windows and Mac and is downloadable through Steam or Desura.

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