Xbox Live Users: President Obama Won Second Debate

Xbox Live's Larry Hryb released data from last night's polling on Xbox Live from those who watched the Presidential Debate through the service. Hyrb said that more than 100,000 Xbox LIVE members watched the second presidential debate online, and responded to approximately 70 polling questions in "real time." Viewers offered over 2,000,000 individual responses to poll questions, with most poll questions averaging 35,000 to 40,000 respondents per question.

Among approximately 2,000 self-described Undecided/Swing Voters who weighed in, 51 percent declared President Obama the winner, while 17 percent declared Governor Romney the winner, and 32 percent remained unsure of a winner. Around 19 percent of those who leaned Romney prior to the debate said that President Obama won the debate, compared with 2 percent of pre-debate Obama leaners who thought Romney won the debate. Around 28 percent of undecideds either leaned or supported Obama post-debate, while 10 percent either leaned or supported Romney.

Around 52 percent of undecideds declared Obama the most truthful, and 17 percent declared Romney the most truthful. Among those who leaned towards Romney prior to the debate, 22 percent thought Romney was the most truthful, compared with 2 percent of pre-debate Obama leaners who thought Romney was most truthful. Finally, 56 percent of undecideds thought Obama was specific enough about his plans, while 17 percent thought Romney was specific enough about his plans.

Of note to those who don't like the results of this poll: it should be noted that many Xbox Live users who are not of legal voting age participated in the polling, so it isn't exactly a scientific poll anyone is going to point to as an indicator of anything. Still, it proves that Xbox Live users as a whole think the President did a good job last night.

The final debate, which will focus on Foreign Policy, will be take place on October 22.

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