Report: Consumers Complain About iOS 6 Spiking Their Monthly Data Usage

iPhone iOS 6 users are complaining that since they have started using Apple's new operating system for its hand-held devices, they have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of data they consume. UK publication The Guardian is reporting that a number of iOS 6 users have been complaining about a "significant hike" in their data usage, which translates into higher monthly mobile data usage bills.

Some say that this is connected to a bug in iOS 6 which effects how the OS switches between 3G and Wi-Fi connections. This may be related to the iTunes Match service or even iCloud synchronization. Some users claim that even when the iTunes Match is set to restrict activities to Wi-Fi only, some data downloads and uploads are still taking place over the mobile network and in turn using large amounts of data.

Apple has not publicly commented on The Guardian report. If it is a bug, then iOS 6-enabled device users should probably just avoid downloading any data until it is fixed, lest they go over their data caps and get charged through the nose by their mobile service provider…

Editor's Note: As ECA President Hal Halpin pointed out to me, if you have an unlimited data plan – say from a provider like Sprint, chances are you won't notice this bug because you are not subject to a data cap.

Source: MCV

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    GrimCW says:

    back when i had it there were about 20 to 1 bad apps for every good app.

    and most were masquerading as the good one making it a risk to get anything :/ hopefully they've cleaned that up (granted i had it during the original droids lifetime) as well as the "updates" eventually were what began to kill my phone. things they added bogged it down, and eventually the phone ran so slow it was crashing worse than WinME on a broken mobo. Kinda leery when the OS outdates my hardware by FORCE and then begins to fry me right around when my upgrade happens to be coming up..

    eventually i got an Ipad anyways (before the tablet boom so its IPad 1) and using the I Books app + being able to read the same books easily on my phone seemed like a huge plus, not to mention that many movies also started supporting Itunes. So when my upgrade came i gave the IPhone a shot and so far the only downsides are ITunes itself and the dumbed up interface that wants to organize things for me, instead of letting me do things myself (thank any deity you like for jailbreaks… i mean.. 9 items to a folder strictly?! a whole toolbar for 4 items and no expansion?! and i can't set my desktop items where i want?!!! wtfh apple?)

    i agree both have the ups and downs, and depending on uses one may be preferred over the other. But as above, that sour taste Android gave me after deliberately burning out my hardware by outdating it through force, + the immense amount of bad apps (at the time), lack of way to backup my apps (have they fixed this?! hated losing good games/apps that'd get pulled after i got them and never being able to redload.. i'll give itunes props there, i can backup half my phone and keep things apple doesn't like around) and unstable design kinda left me not wanting more. but i LOVED being in control of the phone, loved being able to edit my music play list on the fly (iphone needs you to do it BEFORE you click play….) and loved being able to play by the FOLDER instead of having it forcibly organize by the file info (which is often screwed up, even if a direct rip, and itunes ends up botching the entire album constantly given me 3 tracks here, 5 there, and 1 sitting alone elsewhere all under the same album name, but because something was spelled dif, or had an extra space it reads them as entirely diff tracks/albums…) and how open sourced the android is allowing for many custom choices, and file selection unlike the iphones lockdown by design method. (again, thank what deity you want for jailbreak)



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    Imautobot says:

    What are your issues with the Google App Store?  There is an Amazon App Store as well.

    I used to have an iPhone 3G, but was seriously burned when the iOS4 update actually caused the phone to perform so poorly I had to hack it backwards.  What a pain!  I also hate having to use iTunes as an intermediary for everything.  At least with android phones you can jack them into any computer and move any files around all willy-nilly without needing to go through a horrible syncing process.

    There are pros and cons to both phones, but I feel android just offers me more flexibility.  Rooting and using the phone to tether is actually doable on an android, and that's very cool if one wants to avoid the $40 per month charge for tethering the way the provider wants.  As far as apps go, I consider it a good thing that Google doesn't babysit their store as much as Apple.  But by the same token, that might open the door for nefarious apps too.

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    GrimCW says:

    makes me glad i have the unlimited plan still, and have refused all updates for awhile now…

    so far i've no want/reason to move beyond 5.01 or whatever it is. not on a reg Iphone 4 anywho, anything that would want more wants a 4S and up. and no updates for me for at least another 4 months. then i'm not sure… the more i use it the more i HATE itunes…. outright despise its attempt to tell me how to organize my stuff (and how it loves to duplicate files, lose others, and not group things just because of a misspelled piece of info or something in the thing, thus splitting one album into 5 different albums all under the same damned name…. grrrr.)

    yeeeahh.. if it weren't for the mess that is the google app store and such, i'd def go back to that… but tbh android left a sour taste in my mouth that Itunes hasn't matched yet.. its close… but not there yet. love the phone, HATE the software :/

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