Report: Consumers Complain About iOS 6 Spiking Their Monthly Data Usage

iPhone iOS 6 users are complaining that since they have started using Apple's new operating system for its hand-held devices, they have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of data they consume. UK publication The Guardian is reporting that a number of iOS 6 users have been complaining about a "significant hike" in their data usage, which translates into higher monthly mobile data usage bills.

Some say that this is connected to a bug in iOS 6 which effects how the OS switches between 3G and Wi-Fi connections. This may be related to the iTunes Match service or even iCloud synchronization. Some users claim that even when the iTunes Match is set to restrict activities to Wi-Fi only, some data downloads and uploads are still taking place over the mobile network and in turn using large amounts of data.

Apple has not publicly commented on The Guardian report. If it is a bug, then iOS 6-enabled device users should probably just avoid downloading any data until it is fixed, lest they go over their data caps and get charged through the nose by their mobile service provider…

Editor's Note: As ECA President Hal Halpin pointed out to me, if you have an unlimited data plan – say from a provider like Sprint, chances are you won't notice this bug because you are not subject to a data cap.

Source: MCV

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