Truman National Security Project Offers Web Game Exploring the Ramifications of a U.S. War with Iran

The Truman National Security Project plans to launch a browser-based game this week that explores the United States' political and military involvement with Iran, according to a report in Defense News. The group describes itself as an institute that recruits and trains progressives to lead on national security issues.

The point of the game is to explore the consequences of what would happen if the United States engaged Iran in a war. The game is called "Tell Me How This Ends," and takes its name from a 2003 quote from General David Petraeus, who expressed his frustration with the lack of an exit strategy for the Iraq War.

The game sounds like it is mostly a multimedia affair, putting players in the shoes of the U.S. President, who will have to make tough decisions and then deal with the consequences of those decisions, good or ill. It offers a lot of information before those decisions are made like news and intelligence reports.

"At the start of the Iraq war in 2003, when General David Petraeus said, ‘Tell me how this ends,' he was expressing a frustration that while the Iraq war may have been easy to start, the end game was far from clear," a spokesperson for the Truman Project said. "Ten years later, one of the lessons of America's second longest war is the need for an honest discussion of both the cost of war and the exit strategy from any military engagement. We feel these important questions are missing from the public debate around Iran. The purpose of this game is to teach Americans the cost and consequences of military engagement with Iran."

Tell Me How This Ends will launch on October 19, alongside an advertising campaign. You can learn more about it at

Source: Polygon

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