Twitch Community Helps Raise $1.5 Million in Pledges for Extra Life

The Twitch community has managed to raise more than $1.5 million for the Extra Life 2012 charity, which is set to see thousands of gamers partake in day-long marathon gaming sessions to earn money put up by thousands of sponsors. The fund goes to hospitals that are part of the Children’s Miracle Network.

Twitch heavily promotes the use of its services as a way for gamers to view live gaming events including tournaments, live video game playthroughs, and more. Their mission statement is to turn gaming into a "spectator sport." The service pushed its 20 million members to donate through a video appeal that proved to be quite effective, judging by the $1.5 million in pledges already made.

"Charity drives have become increasingly popular on Twitch, with one recent event even breaking a half-million dollars," said Emmett Shear, the chief executive officer of Twitch. "I’m always impressed by how compassionate the gaming community can be when they have a cause and appreciate that they leverage our platform to raise money for those in need. We continue to encourage giving in support of important causes, including Extra Life 2012.”

You can learn more about Extra Life at

Source: GamesBeat

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