Washington Man Sentenced to 40 Months in Federal Prison for Operating Piracy Sites

A Federal Judge has sentenced 36-year old Sang Jin Kim to 40 months in prison and ordered him to forfeit more than $400,000 in assets. Prosecutors charged Kim with criminal copyright infringement in November of 2011 and seized the domains 82movie.com and 007disk.com. Prosecutors claimed that Kim ran an online piracy empire through his Washington-based company World Multimedia Group Inc. The sites offered pirated versions of popular movies, Korean TV shows, software and video games, according to prosecutors.

After an undisclosed source in South Korea alerted U.S. Immigration and Customs officials (ICE) of Kim's activities, they set up a meeting with him. Undercover ICE agents met with Kim in September 2010 to discuss selling the website and server for 007disk.com. Kim told undercover ICE agents that he knew what he was doing was illegal and would often receive takedown notices from copyright holders. He would remove the items in question, wait and put them back up…

Ultimately Kim pled guilty to the charges. He was sentenced last Friday.

You can read about the case here (PDF).

Source: CourtHouse News


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