Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Buries Facebook and Twitter Apps

Microsoft's latest Xbox Live update may add Internet Explorer browser support, but it also gets rid of both the Facebook and Twitter apps that subscribers have been using since they were introduced almost three years ago. Apparently Microsoft ditched these apps to encourage users to make their way to these popular social networking services through IE.

While we say "remove," for those who have already installed these apps, the more appropriate term would be "moved." You can still find both the Facebook and Twitter apps under the quick launch category in the "My Apps" section. Both apps are also still included on Microsoft's "Be Entertained" page and listed as Xbox Live service partners.

Still, Microsoft has shuffled and shifted these apps for a reason: they want users to use Internet Explorer as much as possible and having people visit these services using anything other than their browser means substantially less activity for IE. Microsoft began rolling out the new Xbox 360 dashboard earlier this week and will continue to roll it out in regions around the world for the next several weeks.

Source: Neowin


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