Bethesda’s ‘Children of Akatosh’ Gets Ready for Extra Life Marathon

The official blog for Bethesda has a short Q&A with Bethesda QA testers Joe Mueller and Jen Tonon, who are participating with other Bethesda employees on a team called "Children of Akatosh" to raise money for the Extra Life Charity. is a charity that donates money to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by having the community pledge support for teams or individuals that play in a 24-hour marathon session of gaming. This year's Extra Life day is October 20.

Here are some details on what games "Children of Akatosh" plan on playing tomorrow:

"It’s a widespread assortment, but the majority are planning to play WoW- Mists of Pandaria, Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. Several of us are actually setting up time slots for genres so a lot of the single-player hours were actually split between Dishonored and Skyrim. There’s even several of us dedicating time to the ridiculously-impossible-to-beat-old-school games, like Legacy of the Wizard for NES."

And here's some advice from them on how you can help support Extra Life:

"Really at this point for 2012 Extra-Life Marathon, it’s to Donate and to share through social media. It’s so easy to retweet, share a post, or send an email; trending can be so impactful for causes and it takes just a mouse-click or a touch screen tap. Our team, Children of Akatosh, shares a variety of ways to spread the word."

You can donate to "Children of Akatosh" here. For more info on Extra Life, check out

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