Australian Government Promises Strong Support for PAX Australia

The Australian government this morning officially announced what we already knew – that the Penny Arcade Expo would be taking place in Melbourne, Australia from July 19-21 at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The announcement was made by Victorian Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher and Penny Arcade president Robert Khoo.

More importantly, the Australian government said that it would be helping to promote the event via a sponsorship and integration deal via a number of gaming culture exhibitions and presentations. Asher also said that the event would bring "significant economic benefits" to the region along with interstate and international visitors.

"The decision to choose Melbourne to hold PAX Australia represents a fantastic opportunity to highlight Victoria's creative capabilities on a global scale," she Asher. "This is a great opportunity to showcase the gaming culture in Australia to the rest of the world, while promoting the talented game developers and creative studios to an international audience."

PAX Australia is the first PAX expo event to be held outside of North America. No doubt if it proves to be a success you can expect to see even more PAX events in other regions…

Source: GameSpot

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