Blackhat Hacker Group Rents Out Server Inside the Cisco Network

According to a published report by security research firm KrebsonSecurity, a machine inside Cisco is being used remotely by evil doers for unknown purposes. The server in question is apparently being rented to naughty internet users, a service that allows anyone in the world to access hacked computers at specific organizations.

Users generally pay as little as $5 bucks to log onto those servers remotely and use them for whatever dark deeds they have planned. The server apparently uses the Windows Server 2003 system and has Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol turned on which allows anyone to remotely access it with the login credentials.

Cisco's security team confirmed with Krebs the hacked RDP server was inside of the networking giant's network but the source described it as a "bad lab machine."

While no one knows what wicked deeds the server has already been used for, there seems to be a black mark against it already:

"I ran a check on the Cisco box and found that it had already been blacklisted by 10 out of 15 popular services that track malicious activity online, such as spam and malware hosting," Krebs wrote.

Source: Ars Technica

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