Report: Australia To Offer New Incentives for Game Industry

The federal government of Australia is planning to introduce brand new incentives to help grow and support the country’s game industry, according to an MCV Pacific report.

The news was also confirmed by Game Developers’ Association of Australia CEO Antony Reed, but he was either unable or unwilling to share further details on the matter. Developer incentives of some type are expected to be introduced in the coming weeks. These incentives include Screen Development – which will offer studios AUD$30k to $90k, while Screen Marketing will offer AUD$25k. Funding has also been re-instated in Victoria after the previous program for games was cut.

Australia's video game industry has been plagued by closures and layoffs all throughout the year as big companies like THQ have decided to shut down operations and leave the country for greener pastures. Hopefully some tax incentives will at least help those companies that are trying to continue doing business there… We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: Develop

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