Google Research: Gaming the Second Most Popular Activity on Tablets

A new research paper from Google reveals what most gamers already know: the majority of tablet users spend more time playing games than anything else on their device of choice – whether it be Android, Windows, or iOS-based. In fact, Google's research found that gaming is the most popular activity on tablets right behind checking email.

The research paper also tried to gauge how and where consumers use their tablet devices the most. Google's research found that tablet gamers are fond of playing games in bed, when riding in a car, and occasionally at a table or in an office. When gamers do multitask using a tablet, they tend to play games while watching television in the living room.

The biggest criticism that can be made is that Google's sample size for this study is incredibly small. Researchers targeted just 33 tablet users for their study. Among those 33 people who participated in Google's targeted study, 91 percent said that their tablet usage was for personal purposes, with 9 percent saying they used it for work-related activities. The research also found that tablet gamers use their devices more on a typical weekday than the weekend. The average user said they spent 48 minutes a day on their tablets on the week days versus 36 minutes a day on weekend days.

You can read the research paper here. Google's research comes to the conclusion that earlier studies on tablet usage have come to (that gaming is one of the most popular activities people partake in on tablet devices), though clearly the sample size of participants will cause some to cast a critical eye on the results. Ultimately Google's research shows that gamers are a major part of the tablet ecosystem and platforms that support games well can draw the attention of those consumers…

Source: Gamasutra

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