Report: Playing EA Wii U Games Online Will Require Origin Account

October 23, 2012 -

If you thought you could play an Electronic Arts game on Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console without having an account on its Origin network then you are so very sadly mistaken. A change in EA's privacy policy reveals that Wii U users who want to play Wii U games online will need to have an Origin account and a "Nintendo Network ID." Of course, this also means that - by signing up for an Origin account - you give EA permission to collect your email address, Mii information, friend list, country, language, and date of birth.

Perhaps the real news is the use of the term "Nintendo Network ID" by EA. Nintendo has said in the past that Codes from the Wii era would be used for Wii U but we're not sure if "Nintendo Network ID" is the official term Nintendo plans on using. While some might balk at having to sign up for an Origin account, EA requires the same hoop jumping for games on other platforms like the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live..

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Re: Report: Playing EA Wii U Games Online Will Require ...

Friend codes, as we know them, are not returning.  That's just what Nintendo is calling their new system for the Wii U.  They've said this many times.

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Re: Report: Playing EA Wii U Games Online Will Require ...

EA cant make things simple, after all.

I still cant believe that MS gave EA permission to do all this crap with Xbox Live.

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