Xbox Live Users: President Barack Obama Wins Third and Final Debate

While Xbox Live users have once again said that President Barack Obama won the third and final debate on foreign policy, most Americans are just glad that they are finally over. While noting that point, let's look at the numbers from the latest series of Xbox Live flash polls and surveys taken by Microsoft during their live stream of the debate last night.

According to Microsoft, more than 100,000 Xbox Live members watched the third debate on Election 2012 on Xbox Live. During interactive polling viewers gave nearly 3 million individual answers to 130 questions during the debate in real time. Microsoft claims that about 30,000 – 35,000 respondents engaged with each question during the debate. Those who responded to poll questions favored the President's performance last night.

Microsoft's core focus seemed to be on "undecided voters" or "swing voters" (Democrats or Republican voters who could be persuaded to vote for the other candidate). Of that group , 56 percent said they favored Obama's performance, 14 percent favored Romney's, and 31 percent said the debate was a draw. Among swing voters, only 5 percent of Obama leaners said Romney won the debate, while 27 percent of Romney leaners said Obama had won.

Around 39 percent of undecided voters said prior to the debate that they leaned toward Obama by the end of the debate, while only 18 percent leaned toward Romney. About 40 percent of "undecided voters" said the President would be better in a crisis compared to 17 percent for Romney.

For those who might not be happy with those numbers or who will call out the unscientific method of Microsoft's polling, they can take comfort in the numbers of other polls and focus groups (CNN's in particular) that gave the President the "win" in the debate but also noted that the final debate was unlikely to change the current trajectory of the race by much if at all.

It should also be noted that these Xbox Live polls do not take into account that they are actually polling a large percentage of the Xbox Live community that are not eligible to vote because they are under the age of 18.

In other words, this election will be a real nail biter right until the end.

Source: Venture Beat

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