Haunts: The Manse Macabre Developer: ‘We Have a Plan!’

Last week, Haunts: The Manse Macabre game developer Rick Dakan found that he had run out of money after successfully funding his game via a Kickstarter campaign. Obviously backers of the game were not pleased with this news and media outlets were quick to point out what happens to backers when a project they fund doesn't get completed (the general consensus being that they get screwed). Today in a rather lengthy update to the official Kickstarter page for the game, Dakan announced that he has found a solution to the problem: the game will now be fully open-sourced. This, he believes, will solve the problem of losing all of his programmers and running out of money. From the Kickstarter page:

"We’re going to finish developing Haunts: The Manse Macabre as an Open Source project. The source code has been open from the beginning, but now we’re going to fully embrace open development model and making the game entirely open source. We’ve had about thirty programmers from a variety of backgrounds, including many proficient in Go, who have stepped forward and offered to help finish the game. We’re still in the process of setting up the infrastructure for issue tracking, source control, documentation wikis, and other tools necessary before we can begin in earnest, but we hope to have that all up and running within the next week or two."

While this is not what backers signed up for, at this point most would probably agree that it is better than getting nothing at all. You can read the rest of Dakan's open source pitch here.

Source: Gamasutra

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