House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Slams Obama Administration Over Net Neutrality Regulations

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) released a scathing report against President Barack Obama, with a keen focus on the authority the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has in enforcing net neutrality rules within the broadband and mobile space. The report, "The Imperial Presidency," calls the President's net neutrality rules crafted by the FCC (and other regulations passed by the Administration) a "massive regulatory overreach," and part of a "jobs-killing agenda."

The report cites 40 examples of Obama Administration regulations that have passed without the approval of Congress through agencies or executive orders. On Net Neutrality, Cantor says that businesses in the U.S. have been forced into court to fight network neutrality regulations "that the agency has no authority to issue." He is referring to cases in Federal Court filed by Verizon and MetroPCS.

You can check out the full report on Cantor's Senate Web site.

Source: Broadcasting Cable

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