Double Fine's Tim Schafer to Serve as Master of Ceremonies at Ümloud!

October 25, 2012 -

Double Fine front man and amateur comedian Tim Schafer will serve as the 'Master of Ceremonies' for the fourth annual Ümloud! event. Proceeds from the annual Rock Band competition that features both game developers and games journalists benefit the Child’s Play charity. Ümloud! will take place at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge on Thursday, December 6. Schafer will lend his signature sense of humor to the festivities by introducing each of the dozens of participating bands that will perform, playing Rock Band 3 set lists and peripherals.

"Everyone knows gamers have big hearts—and that’s not just because of the sedentary lives many of us live," says Tim Schafer, President and CEO of Double Fine Productions. "It’s because we understand the value of community, of giving back, and Ümloud! is the perfect way to have a rockin’ evening while supporting Child Play’s noble efforts in taking care of the next generation of gamers."

Advanced tickets are available for the event at On a related note two bands are locked in completion to raise the most money: "French KISS" and "Forever Alone, Together." You can find out how to participate in this little struggle by visiting You can also drop $200 to enter your own band into the competition. Participating acts receive an entry to Ümloud! for the entire band and ten of their biggest fans, as well as a swag bag of donated goods and photographic evidence of your band on stage...

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