Motorola Mobility Drops Wi-Fi Patent Claims in ITC Complaint Against Microsoft’s Xbox 360

Google's Motorola Mobility has withdrawn an earlier claim that Microsoft violated Wi-Fi patents it holds with its Xbox 360 console, according to this lengthy analysis from Foss Patents. The company filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) earlier this year.

Motorola Mobility has narrowed the focus of its requests for the ITC investigation by dropping two Wi-Fi-related patents from the case. That leaves only two H.264 (video codec) patents, according to Foss Patents. Motorola's motion for partial termination was filed yesterday and entered the public record today.

Foss Patents has a rather in-depth analysis of this new development in the ITC investigation including a look at the legal document related to the filing.

You can check out the report here.

[Disclosure: Foss Patents owner Florian Mueller is an intellectual property activist-turned-analyst with 25 years of software industry expertise who has worked with Microsoft in the past on patent-related issues.]

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