UK Retail Sources Worry of Wii U Shortages at Launch

Unnamed sources speaking to C&VG are sounding alarm bells today that the United Kingdom may face a shortage of Nintendo's Wii U consoles when it is released in November. A "retail source" told CVG that the company he or she works for does not have enough Wii U units to fulfill pre-orders. That source claimed that they would be receiving around 25,000 units. A source within the distribution chain working at a separate retailer told C&VG that the 25k figure was "in line with our estimates." A third source at another UK retailer said they were expecting "anything between 75,000 and 100,000 units during the launch period."

"What we don't know is whether this allocation will arrive on day one or be distributed across a number of weeks," the source added.

A Nintendo UK representative told C&VG that day one stock will be "tight," but that it will provide retailers with regular shipments:

"Wii U stock levels will be tight on day one.  However we will be providing retailers with regular stock deliveries in the run up to Christmas in order to meet demand as quickly as possible," the Nintendo rep. said.

Nintendo will release the Wii U on November 18 in the US and on November 30 in Europe.

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