GameStop Opening ‘GameStop Kids’ Stores Nationwide

Video game retail giant GameStop is rolling out new stores geared towards younger children in North America this week in select locations. The new stores are called GameStop Kids. GameStop plans to open 80 GameStop Kids locations at malls in the United States during the holiday season.

So why does GameStop need to launch specialty locations just for kids? We're not really sure, but these new stores will feature games and toys that youngsters seem to want like Skylanders, Angry Birds, LEGO, Star Wars, and Minecraft.

GameStop did not say whether they plan to open similar stores in other parts of the world, but we're guessing they want to try the specialty stores at home first and see how they do. On the plus side, the stores are great for parents looking for games and related merchandise that are family friendly and not M-rated…

You can see a list of store locations here.

Source: GameSpot

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