Report: G4 Cancels Attack of the Show and X-Play, Shows Ending in December

Earlier this year it was rumored that gaming and geek culture network G4 would be changing its format to support the "GQ" demographic, and that much of its most popular programming would either be reformatted or discontinued. Today we learn that it looks like its most popular programs will face the latter and not the former. Polygon is reporting that the network's two most popular shows have been cancelled.

Their report is based on this TV Guide article, which notes that both X-Play and Attack of the Show will end production later this year. TV Guide also reports that X-Play and Attack of the Show will begin airing a series of "farewell episodes," featuring former show hosts and special guests. Both programs are set to end in December.

With those top shows gone, one wonders if G4 will also give up on the great coverage it used to provide for various gaming and geek events like Comic-Con, E3, GDC, and more

Update: It looks like G4 is scrapping all of its game-related programming. That sucks.

Source: Polygon

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