Ghost Recon Commander Cancelled, Staff Laid Off

Brenda Romero of Loot Drop confirmed that Ubisoft has cancelled her strategy-based Facebook game Ghost Recon Commander. The social game spin-off launched on Facebook in May, but didn't quite get the kind of response Ubisoft wanted. Along with the cancelation of the game, Brenda Romero also revealed that the development team working on the game had been laid off.

"Sad news. Today, Ghost Recon Commander was cancelled. As a result, we laid off a team of kick-ass developers. If you have openings, ping me," she tweeted.

Since making the announcement Romero has been appealing to the game development community to hire these folks who now find themselves unemployed. The response to her appeal has been pretty good and several of the affect staff have been lining up interviews.

"Looks like multiple people already have jobs-in-theory due to you reaching out to us," she tells Eurogamer. "Very grateful to everyone who has reached out to the GRC team. Multiple interviews lined up for people already!"

The news comes just days after Brenda Romero (formerly Braithwaite) married Loot Drop co-founder John Romero, but Romero isn't focusing on that at the moment:

"I am not even thinking about the wedding or the honeymoon right now. It's not material. I just want to find jobs for these people. That's what matters most to me," she later told Eurogamer.

If you are a game development studio or publisher looking to hire some talented developers, you can get in touch with Romero via Twitter.

Source: GII

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